Seed for the future by Taxiarcis Balaskas , is a project that aims to restore a more balanced approach to the design of products in context, and in the process, in order to a recover a narrative of unity and of meaning.  

Using a traditional technique taught by his grandfather, called *Boliasma (to bind),  Taxiarchis bound an old olive tree with a young one, to make it grow stronger. So when the time of need comes, he will be able to use this olive tree for his future designs. A process that contains patience, balance, tradition and most important the making of meaning.

A tree that binds his story of the past into the future, to show an overall picture on life cycle, on our duties towards ourselves, locale and the wider world. A physical reminder to move in a direction that is more substantive and life enhancing.

*A technique in which one part of a plant is transplanted to another in order to exchange nutrients and achieve greater quantity and quality of products/plant.


Project timeline:  

Tree plantation – in the 90s  

“Boliasma” - Friday 22 November 2019

Project completion -