Triggered by Socrates death and teachings, a ritual that will carry the message of his self-sacrifice and valence, in our days, inspiring and recording ideas that will endure time; was designed. Literally the ink is connected to the poison, since they are both liquids and metaphorically because the words that are transformed through it are intended to awaken the reader, as Socrates did with his rhetoric. The purpose of this process is to continually remind the responsibility of speech. 

Developed during a design course in the department of Product and System Design Engineering, University of the Aegean. 

Role of Taxiarchis Balaskas: Concept idea, 3D modeling, Renderings and Creative direction.
Team Members: Asimakopoulou Domniki, Balaskas Taxiarchis, Baliou Maria, Kostopoulou Christina-Maria, Kyrmanidou Athina, Sarantopoulou Maria-Evangelia, Sardini Vasileia.

Winning and Exhibited concept : 

“The Past in the Present - Museum of Cycladic Art”, Athens.
“Beware of Greeks – Contemporary Greek designers” Athens and Brussels.